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Unlock your business potential with the No.1 NetSuite Partner in New Zealand


Ogg Solutions is the name to trust when it comes to NetSuite Implementation, Integration, Development and Support. 

We’ve been a NetSuite Partner for quite some time — 16 years, in fact. We have in-depth experience with 250+ deployments. As such, we are well-versed in the finer details of setting up and running your financials, backend operations and frontend processes on the platform. It is our goal to thoroughly understand how your business works and how we can integrate this with a powerful ERP system to save you time and energy.  

Any NetSuite partner can help get you started on the platform, but we offer an experience tailored to your business, your needs and your expectations. 

We help our customers with the following pain points:

  • We eliminate manual data syncing between NetSuite and your back-office system.
  • We solve inventory issues by providing real-time feeds.
  • We map customer data from NetSuite to back-office records.

We’ll take care of the technical implementation so you can focus on what’s important: helping your team grow sales, manage financials, and track your entire funnel in one place. 

• As a preferred Netsuite partner we know how to handle your entire tech stack.

• With us you’ll get expert advice on all things NetSuite related.

• We’ll help you eliminate manual data syncing, solve inventory issues and, map customer data.

Our NetSuite Services


 We’ll set up the platform and make sure your business is ready to kick off its inbound strategy.



We have a team of certified NetSuite developers ready to turn your dream website into reality.


Support & Maintenance

We’ll unify your business architecture with our leading enterprise-level tools & products.


Enable Sales

We’ll make sure your sales team is on top of the latest data with a full suite of visual data to tools. 


Intelligence & Analytics

We’ll build custom dashboards, advanced reporting systems, to drive data-driven decision making.


Data Migration

We’ll help you transfer your critical data to NetSuite so that you can take advantage of its tools as fast as possible.



We work with leading companies like BigComemrce & HubSpot to ensure you get a unified view of your business.



We’ll make sure that each member of your team knows the ins & outs of NetSuite, to ensure smooth sailing in the long run.


How NetSuite Works

Oracle Netsuite is the world’s #1 cloud ERP business software. It is used by over 24,000 companies worldwide. Businesses use NetSuite to run their key operations including financial processes, inventory and supply chain management, order management, service resource planning (SRP) eCommerce activities and customer relationship management (CRM). 

Looking for more reasons to love NetSuite? Here are a few: 

  • One system for the entire company
  • A fully scalable software that grows with your needs
  • Because it is cloud-based, it eliminates IT maintenance and upgrade cost
  • Easy to access anytime, anywhere to empower your mobile workforce
  • Real-time analytics can help you make better business decisions, faster.

We know our stuff


Across our team, we are certified NetSuite integration partners and specialists.

We stay up to date with the latest courses so we can ensure your deployment is successful.

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