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Shifting from Attache to NetSuite 


A growing business often places demands on your business accounting software that you never planned for. Suddenly you find yourself sitting on a pile of business systems and battling creeping IT costs. Attache can’t keep up.

Thousands of businesses arrive at a similar crossroads every year. Timing is everything: if you replace Attache too early, then you may end up with more software than you need right now.

But if you wait too long, you could end up struggling with inefficient business processes that could actively damage your business performance and prospects for future profitability and growth.

At what point do the costs to the business of maintaining Attache —and the other systems it requires to function—outweigh the benefits of keeping it in place?

When is the right time to make the move to an Attache alternative solution?

  • You’re wasting time playing “Hunt the Spreadsheet”.
  • Your management reports are prone to errors or are out of date.
  • Simple Attache reports take an unacceptable amount of time to run or print.
  • You can’t get a comprehensive view across all of your businesses units.
Desktop Setup

Comparing Attache & NetSuite


The Future of Attache


NetSuite utilises a unique, globally consistent engagement method that helps customers de-risk their implementation, contain costs, and reduce time to value. NetSuite also provides a customer success manager for the duration of the relationship and delivers support directly to customers. NetSuite provides support directly to its customers.

Attache implementation, customisation and support risk and cost will be carried by the Attache customer and partner. NetSuite has a defined product roadmap, receiving massive investment from Oracle, and operates in a defined marketplace set by Oracle.

Attache are not investing in new capabilities for the product, just minor updates. The ERP mid-market is characterized by high levels of fragmentation. Vendors that are not growing at 30% or more are losing ground to other competitors

Attache Hosting

Attache is based on old technology. Instead of Acess group investing in modernizing Attache, they opted to saturate the market with fragmented programs and aim to convert previous Attache customers to their fragmented stack.


  • Finance and integrated payroll (some employee onboarding, timesheeting, etc.)
  • Inventory and manufacturing (actually bill of materials)
  • 150 standard reports plus customization. It is not rich in reporting, search, and dashboards. Shockingly bad “dashboarding”
  • Basic CRM. More contact management

Integration / application ecosystem:

  • 3 add ons. That’s it.

User Comments:

  • Reporting is hard
  • Not easy to use at all (needs a complete overhaul)
  • Not intuitive
  • A developer is needed to change anything and everything

NetSuite is operated by NetSuite. NetSuite focuses on delivering a service to its 18,000 customers that is scalable, resilient, and secure. We have a lot to lose if an outage occurs!

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How NetSuite Works



NetSuite is highly configurable, providing rich capabilities for customers to tailor NetSuite functionality and reporting themselves. Customisation is available to customers who require capabilities beyond the current version of NetSuite. NetSuite provides sandbox capabilities that allow customers to view their configurations and customisations applied to the yet-to-be-released version of NetSuite.

Attache can be customised. It is unknown whether upgrades break customisations, but it is expected that deep level customisations will break. An Attache customer has to work with their Attache partner to figure out an upgrade process and build out an upgraded environment.

An Attache customer will need a developer to create and change reports. The onboard reporting capability is poor, and often customers are forced to use a 3rd party tools.

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